“What do I do about family members who can’t believe the change?
My hubby said “Where’s my angry wife gone?”
and my son said “Mum’s been taken away by an alien!”

When you remove
the cause of your pain
all that’s left is happiness

What began as a documentation of the intuitive insights, methods and techniques that Janet Greene discovered during her self-led journey to heal her self and her life, has become a wave of excitement that is spreading across the world as people discover the life altering power of the Greene’s Release Workbooks and Technique.

  • In Australia, Zoe is rebuilding a wonderful new life for herself after eliminating the impact of horrific childhood abuse.
  • In England, John is enjoying the comments from friends and family about his noticeably increased confidence.
  • In America, Joe is discovering that there is life and love after healing the heartbreaking grief that she carried for 5 long years.
  • In New Zealand, Angie is awakening to the world of love as she finds an inner strength and belief that she is special, and deserves a wonderful life.

Greene’s Release is an easy process that changes your life from within.

It frees your mind – enabling you to follow your dreams and marvel
as they appear in your physical world!


    • They say that you can’t heal emotions – well you can!
    • They say you never heal from grief – well you do!
    • They say you can’t change the past – you most certainly can!
    • They say that life is something that happens to you – well it is, until you are ready to take charge of your own life!
    • They say there is nothing more to life – well, there’s a whole flip side that’s just sitting there waiting for you to want it!


“Janet starts of by telling us “you can have whatever you wish in life!” and then actually shows us how to do it! And it works!”

“I’m enjoying going through your workbook a lot. Actually, it’s some piece of work quite unlike anything else I’ve read, and I have come across a bit.
From the practical aspect invariably they’ve all always come from a mind perspective, the mind “solving the problem.”
I must say your approach is quite refreshing. I find your book amazing.”

“I have accomplished more this week than I have in the last 2 months!”

“Already I’m feeling more and doing what feels right rather than what I think is right. Yesterday I wrote myself a letter. It made me cry!! I told myself things that I never knew I felt. It was very special.”

“The realization that what you’ve been living and telling yourself all these years was based on a skewed perception of something that happened as a child,
is a freeing moment. You have to wonder how you didn’t figure it out
a long time ago.”

“Exciting things are happening each day. I am literally watching a brand new life manifest before my eyes – without doing a thing. This is SO much fun!”

“My friends noticed a difference in me already! I’m much more relaxed
and confident and more fun to be around.”

“Oh My! They were wrong! After beating myself up for 30 years
I’ve just realized there is nothing wrong with me after all. I can’t stop smiling.”

“It is empowering to realize by doing these exercises I am holding my life in my hands. I have the power to live my life as I would like, as I decide to create it.
It is entirely up to me.”

how much fun
it is to
Live Your Life!