Understanding The 5 Stages of Life – The Basic Concept

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  Life Stage 1

Baby and Early Childhood: We are born as a free spirit in a physical world. Free spirit (solid circle), physical world (outer circle).


We are free – to be, and express, and live spontaneously, without fear, doubt or restriction (blue arrows).


Life Stage 2

Childhood: As we start to learn the rules of life and living (middle circle), our free spirit, expression and spontaneity are blocked and restricted (blue arrows).


We used all that we saw, heard, and experienced to form a set of core beliefs about who and what we are, the world, and our place in within it. Beliefs/rules of life show us how to function in the world.
We also used other people’s behaviors to form conclusions about ourselves. If mummy yelled at me then “I must be a bad person.” If I am always getting into trouble then “I can’t do anything right.” If they don’t like me then “I am not a lovable person.”


Life Stage 3

Adolescence and Adulthood: Our physical experience in the world is now influenced by our perceptions, painful memories, traumas, rules of life and core beliefs (black arrows).

We don’t feel like ourselves anymore.

We physically experience the life consequences of the beliefs we created as scared children. We live the failure personality, we live a difficult life, we live as the overweight person who can’t lose the weight, we live the life of a person who can’t do anything right, and we live with the heartache of trauma.

It is emotionally distressing to live with the consequences of your core beliefs day after day. Trying your hardest to overcome problems, without success, or knowing why they keep happening is depressing.

We do everything we can (words) to learn how to cope with the symptoms.
Results are temporary, and life can seem like it happens to us, without our input or control.

Overwhelming emotions and attempts to avoid this distress present in many ways – stress, mental health problems, anxiety, panic, phobias, PTSD, OCD, hoarding, eating disorders, depression, drug and alcohol abuse, cutting, overeating, physical issues
– further complicating lives.
Most people spend their whole life living in this dramatic stage of life while trying to figure it out and learn to cope with or minimize the symptoms of their beliefs
– without ever realizing what it is about. Stage 3 of life is therefore the one people seldom escape.

However, when you can no longer accept the status quo, and decide that your life has to change – anything becomes possible!

Life Stage 4 – Greene’s Release

We forgot one very important thing; the content of the middle circle – the stored emotions, painful memories and core beliefs we created as a child, were only meant to be temporary, required so we could function in the world at that time. Therefore, you can decide to change your beliefs at anytime.

As soon as you step out of your problem solving mindset, it is quite easy to go within (green arrows) and access the inner cause of your problems and emotional distress (middle circle).

The Greene’s Release Technique You can dissolve any painful memory or emotional wound – in minutes
– and never ever feel it again (gaps in middle circle).

The truth is then revealed via a magical epiphany – you and your life are instantly transformed (blue arrows).
The amazing thing is that the more you release, the more pieces fall into place, and you not only realize the part trauma and drama play in leading you to discover the meaning of life, but also in fulfilling your life purpose – living freely as yourself.

How far you go is your choice entirely.


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